Silvia & Tomas, Parent Enrichment & Housing Client

“Before coming to The Whole Child my family was staying in my mom’s living room while my husband was working to save up for our own place. After our baby was born he lost his job and even with that job we still were not making enough to pay for rent at most places. As a new mom I wanted to learn as much as I could through the Birth to 5 home visiting program, but as things got worse I felt terrible stress and my depression got worse.

The Whole Child helped first get us into a shelter then connected us with resources to support our goals. I started seeing a therapist and we had the opportunity to start looking for work again. Things are getting better. Even though it is still hard at times we know there is help if we need it.

Since coming to The Whole Child, I have found a job and they are helping us find a place to live which is all I really want. I imagine a steady and happy future and not have to worry about where we are going to live. Just somewhere to raise my son happily.”