Monserrat, Safe Families Interim Housing Resident & Nutrition Education Client

Monserrat and her four children were living at The Whole Child’s Safe Families Housing Facility when she heard about the CalFresh Healthy Living Physical Activity classes being offered on-site. Determined to teach her children the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite their challenges, Monserrat enrolled her family for one-on-one workshops with The Whole Child’s Nutrition Education team.

Three mornings each week, Monserrat and her children consistently attended the CalFresh Healthy Living classes. Each session started off with a review of brain functions and how physical activity helps the brain become more active and generate new pathways that help with focus and concentration.

Monserrat and her children’s commitment and enthusiasm for the program made each of them an example of resiliency and perseverance. Monserrat is a role model for her children in leading the family towards a healthier and more active lifestyle no matter their circumstances.

“I feel better about myself when I exercise.”