Don and Yanet Martinez, Imagine Whittier Volunteer Mentors

“My mentee’s current struggles have been my past struggles. She has made me realize how far I have come personally in my life. It has been a blessing.  My only hope is that God continues to strengthen our friendship so that we can be the light for each other.” ~Yanet, Imagine Whittier Volunteer Mentor

“Our hope for the family is that they’re able to be financially stable and not depend on third-party resources or assistance from the government and that the children will be able to become educated and have respect for their mother and help out around the house and become great adults. In addition, to support themselves and raise families of their own. We are meant to do this life together and not alone.  It is a good feeling to be able to share what we have gone through in the past with someone who is having a hard time now. We feel that we are able to give our mentees hope that there will be a better future. ~Don, Imagine Whittier Volunteer Mentor

To learn more about Imagine Whittier or becoming a volunteer mentor, visit TWC Imagine Whittier.