Cristina, Family Housing Client

Safe Families Changed My Life

After my children and I became homeless, I searched for a long time to find a program that would be a place for all of us to stay together. I came across The Whole Child, and I had an interview with a staff lady. The next thing I knew, my family and I were moving into the Safe Families Interim Housing in Echo Park. Life was hard, especially with COVID being around, but thankfully we consistently had a lot of help from The Whole Child staff. As a mother, having a place for my children to shower and sleep and not have to wonder if we are going to have food to eat is a blessing. I’m not sleeping in my car after dropping off the kids at school. Safe Families got me help for one of my son’s special needs, and last Christmas, they made sure all of my children had gifts. I’m thankful that The Whole Child has helped us find a permanent home, with a subsidy so we can afford it, and we are moving in soon. My son and I have both found jobs, and he has started college. My children and I have been grateful for everything we have been helped with. Being at Safe Families has changed my life, and I feel a lot better now than I did before.