Alexandra, Mental Health Client

“I was pregnant with my third child when my oldest daughter started having behavioral issues at school and at home. She was already getting less of my attention with my two year old requiring a lot of it.  I tried to manage these behavioral issues on my own but it became more than I could handle or knew how to fix.  I wasn’t sure what to do to make it better.

In my experience with The Whole Child I have learned how to try to better understand what my daughter is communicating to me and how she is feeling, what to expect given her age and development and how to communicate with her using positive parenting techniques.  Sometimes as parents, we react to our children based on what we’re feeling and we forget to acknowledge what our child is going through.

I have learned how to communicate better with my daughter and through the work at The Whole Child we have strengthened our bond.  My oldest now is doing great in school and our mother daughter relationship is stronger than ever.  I am confident that she is ready to welcome the new baby into our home and still feel important and not overlooked.  Thank you to The Whole Child for not only helping my daughter adjust to sharing my attention and feeling important but also for helping me learn how to be a better mom to my girls.”