Evolving with Intention

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Since The Whole Child’s earliest days in the city of Whittier supporting the mental health of youth to our inclusion of housing solutions for children and families experiencing homelessness, parent enrichment to guide caregivers in their journey, and nutrition education to foster physical health, we have always put our holistic approach front and center.

We grow, we expand, we evolve—and we do so with intention. We respond and adapt along with the changing needs of our communities.

As we launch our new strategic plan for 2022-25, we endeavor to provide more integrated, responsive, and higher quality services to more children and families in need of our support; to attract and retain the greatest talent in our fields; and to secure our status as thought leader in addressing issues facing children and families. Through these goals, The Whole Child is continuing in our singular mold of evolving with intention

This report looks back on an incredible year of growth and looks forward to a multi-year plan of progress. In early 2022 we opened our new Family Access Center in the City of Downey to expand our services for families experiencing or at risk of homelessness. In late spring we hosted our most successful fundraiser in our history thanks to the generosity of our supporters. At the beginning of summer, we mounted a robust campaign to support and advocate for the needs of caregivers of children. Just a few weeks ago we marked the exciting kickoff of construction for our first-of-its-kind “From Homeless to Homeowner” campus in the City of Santa Fe Springs. These are more than just exciting moments in our calendar: they are all significant milestones on our path to realizing our ambitious and visionary strategic plan.

As The Whole Child evolves with intention, at the start of its celebratory 65th year we would like to thank those who make our work possible. The mission of this organization is carried out by our dedicated team; thank you for all you do for our clients and for the communities we serve. We can dream big because of the continued help of our funders, volunteers, and supporters, our deepest thank you to you.

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In gratitude,

Constanza Pachon, CEO
Alex Moisa, Board Chair