10 Ways You Can Promote Healthy Relationships

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Part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month is helping to promote healthy relationships of all kinds. Thanks to Destinie Hernandez, a specialist in our Powerful Initiatives in Early Recovery (PIER) program and Maryury Reyes, ASW, a clinician in our Full Service Partnership (FSP) program for sharing this valuable info about how we can all foster healthy relationships in our own lives.

  1. Communicate your needs and values. Expressing yourself respectfully and understanding your partner’s perspective can foster understanding and empathy.
  2. Promote healthy self-esteem! Individuals with positive self-images have healthier relationships with others.
  3. Model your healthy relationship for others. Children and young adults learn relationship behaviours from the adults in their lives.
  4. Balance individual time and quality time spent with your partner.
  5. Nurture individual interests by practicing self-care.
  6. Take responsibility of your individual healing journey by understanding your triggers and working with a mental health professional.
  7. Work towards resolving conflicts without yelling, belittling, and attacking.
  8. Work with a mental health professional to increase emotional regulation skills to keep the relationship safe.
  9. Have a clear understanding of each other’s boundaries.
  10. Explore love languages together.

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