When a child and/or family member is experiencing a crisis, which often occurs in the school, home and/or community, immediate assessment, triage and intervention is required. A master level therapist will provide a comprehensive crisis assessment to determine the level of therapeutic interventions required to stabilize the child and/or family member. The goal will be to stabilize the identified client in the presenting crisis situation preventing a more intensive level of mental health services such as hospitalization, removal from the home, expulsion from school, and/or police involvement. Thus, returning the identified client to the highest level of functioning and reintegrating successfully the client to the school, home and community setting. Crisis intervention services include eight to ten sessions. However, if the therapist is unable to successfully stabilize the crisis situation, planning with the family, school staff and/or collaborative involved will ensure a higher level of care appropriate to the crisis situation, i.e. intensive outpatient and/or intensive home based services.