Tim & Nanci Lynch, Imagine Whittier Volunteer Mentors

We had been increasingly concerned with the growing homeless crisis and had no way to make a significant difference.  When we heard about Imagine Whittier and its goals, it resonated with us.  People are our city’s most valuable resource and we loved the real world change possibilities the mentoring program presents.

We have used our life skills and resources to encourage and guide our mentee with her choices.  As friends and partners, we keep showing up to talk about her challenges and be a sounding board for decision making.  With this came the opportunity to reflect to her all the awesome characteristics she has and how some of the seemingly “impossible” circumstances she is facing aren’t so bad.  Through our relationship, we have introduced her to a local community church that she shares faith with where she has volunteered her own time to help others.

Our mentee’s growing confidence, determination and willingness to set aside unhelpful thinking has been very rewarding.  She has not only expressed gratitude to not feel alone in her situation, but also amazement that strangers would take time out to encourage her.  Time is our most valuable resource.  Spending time inside the framework Imagine Whittier provides to help struggling mentees is an efficient, hands on solution to homelessness, person by person.  Ahead lies friendship, transformation and a real shift in addressing the homeless crisis.

You don’t have to know how to fix people, just be willing to share their journey.  To learn more about Imagine Whittier or becoming a volunteer mentor, visit TWC Imagine Whittier.