Sophie, Housing Client

“My four children and I were faced with homelessness, periodically sleeping in motels or at our church, when I left home due to domestic violence. My children would ask if they would ever have a place to call home again. I blamed myself. I sought help from so many different organizations but none helped until I found The Whole Child.

We have now moved into our apartment. Staying stable has meant that I have learned to budget to ensure that my rent is paid on time. As a mom, my main priority is the well-being of my children and my primary goal was ensuring that they receive services for their Autism, which was too hard to do when we were going from hotel to hotel. I also had a goal to get my driver’s license and just recently passed the test!

Now I see my children smile every day. I imagine my future to be full of love and happiness with an overall stability that my children and I had been missing. I see my children growing up healthy and becoming successful individuals. The Whole Child has completely changed the quality of life for my children and myself.  We finally have a place we can call home.”

TWC housing families in Los Angeles