Parenting Success Story

Jay is a mother of two young children. She was concerned that her 3-year-old son went from speaking with an extensive vocabulary to using no words at all and making only sounds. The Whole Child’s Parent Educator, Andrea, decided to screen the young child to see if any issues were occurring. She used a screening tool that pinpoints the developmental progress in children between the ages of one month to 5 ½ years old and determined that the child needed monitoring for communication skills. She began working with the child’s mother to identify the school district the family belonged to and find out what programs they offered.

The child is now attending school and receiving the speech therapy he needs. His younger sister has been sitting in on his speech classes, and because of this her language skills have skyrocketed: she is 24 months old and is now using four-word sentences. Both children are benefiting from the services and are also growing their language skills tremendously. The mother is overjoyed with her family’s referral and support provided to her by The Whole Child.