Melina, Housing Client

“We were homeless, my son and me, and I was unemployed. I left two abusive homes; first to get away from a violent spouse then a threatening situation while staying with a family member.  Things felt so hopeless and I was embarrassed about our situation. I tried looking for work, but I was pregnant when I left my husband which made it difficult to get hired anywhere. After my baby was born I started coming to The Whole Child.


Together we worked as a team.  They helped us find a homeless shelter, get a housing voucher, and find an apartment.  The Whole Child helped with the deposit, rent and other helpful services. It was tough in the beginning, but The Whole Child staff was very helpful and caring.


Today, I am working full-time and have been living in the apartment with my boys for two years now. I recently paid off my student loans, and I am debt free! I look forward to an exciting future watching my boys grow up in a peaceful home. The Whole Child has shown me that there is beauty in the struggle.