Jenny, Family Housing Client

After nearly losing my baby at 17 weeks pregnant due to work-related stress, I decided to leave my job. My boyfriend was our only source of income and he could not make ends meet. Our cars were repossessed and without a car to commute, he lost his job soon after.

We were a family of 6 with the youngest being a newborn and we were homeless. My biggest fear was my children being taken away because everything happened in a blink of an eye. Being homeless made me feel as if I had failed my children. We were referred to The Whole Child and they were able to help us with housing, deposit money, furniture and home essentials. We knew our time on the program would be limited and we wanted to be independent enough to be able to buy a home when the time came. After my boyfriend was hired at his dream job, we researched what steps to take to purchase a home. With hard work, we were able to save towards a down payment. We started the home buying process and moved into our new home in June 2020. We achieved our first big goal of buying our forever home. I am able to stay home and take care of my children. We became debt free and are now able to buy what is needed while still having money to spend on extra things for the kids.

My experience with The Whole Child has been the best one ever. The Whole Child took us in when everyone else turned us away. My prayers were answered.