Jasmine and her dad, Sam, Mental Health Client

We watched our kids go through changes that we knew were difficult for them to process.  Their mom and I were going through a divorce and we had some big concerns about how our kids were handling it all.  We tried to help them ourselves but realized that we needed more support.

“I was feeling sad and mad because my parents were getting a divorce and my dad was in the process of moving out,” explained Jasmine.  “I wanted my dad to leave when he came to visit because I was worried that I might not see him again.  It seemed easier to wish he wasn’t there then feel like he left us.  After seeing my therapist at The Whole Child, I’m feeling better and my family is doing good.  I know now that even though my parents are not together my dad is not going to leave my sister and me.  I see a future where I join dance in high school and go to Harvard to study oceanic biology.”

When the kids get triggered, they have learned what to do to work through it.  Since coming to The Whole Child, I don’t worry that the separation has harmed my kids and can focus on my relationship with them.  I see Jasmine changing her thought process and not getting stuck.  She is moving forward and accomplishing her goals.  As parents, we tried to do it on our own but it’s hard.  I see how the services they received did help change the way my kids were able to move forward after our divorce.  I am so grateful for your help!