Growing Into the Best Parent Possible

After giving birth to my youngest child five years ago, I was referred to The Whole Child. Although I wasn’t a new mom, I tried it out because I wanted to become the best mom that I could be for not only my new baby but my two older children as well.

Once entering The Whole Child, I was immediately treated like family. I joined the Home Visiting program that utilizes the Parents as Teachers curriculum – I learned everything from child development, parenting, and healthy nutrition to new activities to do with my kids. I learned how to stay calmer with my children because at times it does get a bit hectic with three. I was taught by my parent educator all about the natural ways children burn off energy as an important part of their development. I make sure I am there with them doing the daily things that they need like reading and playing.

I have also learned the importance of self-care by checking in on myself throughout the day – taking care of myself helps me take care of them to the best of my ability.

I am now more confident as a mother and feel that my children are more prepared for their future, especially my youngest as she starts kindergarten this year.

My experience with The Whole Child has been incredibly positive. I have learned a lot and am able to get the support that I need to care for all three of my children.

— Mayra, Parent Enrichment Client