Florencia, Nutrition Education Client

A Fresh Start

My family and I were introduced to the CalFresh Healthy Living Program at The Whole Child while we were staying at the Safe Families Interim Housing facility. We were homeless, and part of trying to improve our lives overall included how to become more healthy. We attended nutrition classes provided by the program that taught us the benefits of healthy food and how they are good for the body. We learned the importance of reading nutrition labels when we shop and how to cook healthy recipes for all meals. Thankfully, my family and I are now living in a place of our own, with our own kitchen and fridge that we are able to stock with healthy food. I am able to take what I learned from those nutrition classes and apply it to my everyday life for my family and me. I am so grateful for everything The Whole Child has helped us with and how their continuous support gave my family and me hope and this fresh start.


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