Danielle, Housing Client

I believe, first and foremost, a person has to want something out of this life despite what’s going on around them.  I came to a chain of unfortunate events that led me to becoming homeless, but in that situation I was led to The Whole Child.  The Principal at my children’s school noticed that they were missing a lot of school and out of concern referred us.

That Principal opened the door for us.  I came to The Whole Child ready to work hard to overcome my situation.  My case manager worked with me and my strengths to help get my family in a home.  I was able to locate a place then was approved and in with their help.  My kids and I have now been home a year!

The Whole Child has gone above and beyond along the way. Back in December I lost my job and they were there to help support and keep us in our place while I looked for a new job.

I learned how to save money which has enabled me to feel a sense of security that was missing in my life.  After receiving services from The Whole Child I am excited about my future and the future for my children.  I am determined to stay housed and passionate about helping others find their way back home.  In January, I was hired and now help those experiencing homelessness on skid row.”