Danielle, Housing Client

I believe, first and foremost, a person has to want something out of this life despite what’s going on around them.  I worked at a doctor’s office and had lost my job which started a spiral of unfortunate events that led me to becoming homeless with my children.  Being homeless, it was rough trying to keep up with my kids’ school work while as their parent I was thinking about where we were going sleep.  They wanted to stay with me in the car.  It was really bad.  My pastor referred me to The Whole Child where they have a program that provides assistance.

That Principal opened the door for us.  I came to The Whole Child ready to work hard to overcome my situation.  My case manager worked with me and my strengths to help get my family overcome barrier to finding a place to call home.  I was able to locate a place then was approved and in with their help.  When we moved in I was so joyful.  My kids and I have now been home a year!

The Whole Child has gone above and beyond along the way. Back in December I lost my job and they were there to help support and keep us in our place while I looked for a new job.  I am determined to stay housed and passionate about helping others find their way back home.  In January, I was hired and now help those experiencing homelessness on skid row.

I learned how to save money which has enabled me to feel a sense of security that was missing in my life.  After receiving services from The Whole Child, I am excited about my future and the future for my children.  A home is your restoration.  It’s important that I can give them a strong foundation and get ready for the world.  We are not surviving.  Now we’re living.”