Dahlia & Daniel, Mental Health Client

I called The Whole Child for help with my three-year-old adopted son, Daniel when his defiant and physically aggressive behavior started to hurt his relationship with family members and other social interactions became a challenge.  I knew his behavior was something beyond what I knew how to manage.  I knew I needed support.

The Whole Child provided us with the support and guidance I needed to manage Daniel’s behavior better.  I learned how to use interventions like praise, positive reinforcement, how to give effective directions, active ignoring, redirection and put in place logical, predictable consequences for his actions.  These steps have really helped improve his overall behavior in a significant way.

I would not have the help I have in place today without The Whole Child.  In addition, they have connected us with additional resources, including Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) to better support my family.  We have a team to help us with the coordination of care that consists of a Mental Health Clinician, a Behavioral Specialist and a TBS Mental Health Therapist.  I imagine a future where me and my family are supported with the resources we need so that Daniel is able to be successful when he starts school.