Cora, Nutrition & Housing Client

“We were homeless when we got help from The Whole Child. I felt helpless in our situation. We didn’t have access to healthy food to eat and my children were getting used to not eating vegetables.

The Whole Child helped my family pay our rent deposit and find a place to live. The nutrition classes from The Whole Child Champions for Change helped us make eating healthy easier. My family now has a routine to eat at the same time each day so we no longer are overeating. I have also made several of the recipes from the cookbook I picked up at the nutrition class to help my family eat healthier food.

Things are looking up for us now. We are now eating more vegetables and less junk food. We have a place for my kids to call home, I have gone to several job training sessions and am actively looking for a job to support my family. My life has change because it have less stress and a daily routine has helped. I imagine a future with so many more opportunities.”