Christina, Housing & Mental Health Client

“My granddaughters were removed from my daughter by the Department of Children and Family Services and I was given full custody because she was unable to care for them. I honestly felt happy to for the opportunity to keep my two young granddaughters safe.

The Whole Child has helped connect my granddaughters to therapy that has given them a voice they have never had before. I now take the steps to sit and spend quality time with them and can provide them a safe space to talk about their feelings. Since coming to The Whole Child, our lives have change for the better. My little granddaughters are coming out of their shells and I can see life in them again.

The staff at The Whole Child has made me feel safe and patiently explained the process of receiving housing, therapy and the mentors we are meeting with through Imagine Whittier. I feel supported. Our family learned how to work as a team. With my mentor, I am learning to feel more valued, that I am important and that is helping me reach my personal goals.

When I imagine my future, I imagine peace and happiness. Before coming to The Whole Child, I felt like a little bird, so small and powerless. Now I feel like a strong and beautiful eagle; ready for anything.”