Antonia, Parent Enrichment Client

“I remember the day my son was born like it was just yesterday.  The doctor came in the room.  I was by myself when they looked at me and told me your son has Down Syndrome.  They said there may be other complications and  if he has a heart murmur we have to let you know, as of now, your son might have only a couple days to live. As a first time mom, to think about your newborn baby that you haven’t even spent five minutes with him and all of a sudden the hospital is testing him and his little body is under all these machines is really scary.  At that moment when the doctors told me all of this I just wanted to hold my baby and not worry about all of the challenges that lie ahead.

The hospital referred me to The Whole Child’s Home Visiting program to that supports new mothers as they are released to go home.  The thing that I love about The Whole Child is the fact that they don’t only keep tabs on Isaac; they keep tabs on me.  It’s really comforting to know they care.  The staff truly care about supporting me as a new parent and making sure that I have the resources that I need to feel supported and be the best mom that I can be.

To say that The Whole Child has changed my life is an understatement.  Thank you so much.  You are definitely part of the family!”