Angelica, Parenting Client

Our Connection Continues to Grow Stronger

When I had my daughter April a few years ago, I was excited to take on this new journey of motherhood and ready for whatever challenges would come my way. But being a new mother came with new responsibilities and challenges I had never faced before. As time went by, I struggled with postpartum depression and was no longer with my child’s father. I was afraid and didn’t know what was going to happen next. When I shared this with my doctor, I was referred to The Whole Child. I immediately felt relieved because they taught me all there is to know about raising a baby as well as the different stages and milestones to know what to expect each new month. They taught me things to look out for and guided me in the right ways to be a parent, like reading and singing to her. I’m able to see if the way she is acting is a behavioral issue or attention needs. Before I wouldn’t have known. I am thankful for everything I have learned from my parent educator and genuinely enjoy being a mother to April. I’m grateful for the parenting program and how it prepares you for all the stages of a baby’s growth and any parenting issues you might have and provides great resources. I really believe the connection between April and me will only continue to grow stronger.