The 2019 LA County Homeless Count Results are In

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As the lead agency serving families facing homelessness in the Southeast region of LA County (SPA 7), we are humbled to report a 42.6% decrease in the number of homeless families in our region; a silver lining amid the 12 increase in overall homelessness across the county.  This report comes out after the first full year of Measure H funding in action.

We want to be clear, the work is not done!  Each day 17 people enter homelessness with the biggest driving being economic hardship.  With over 700,000 Angelinos putting at least 50% of their salary towards rent, more families are vulnerable than even before.  That is why nearly 25% of our Housing services focus on Prevention and Problem-Solving (formerly Diversion).  We work with our clients’ strengths and provide access to resources, mediation, and hope.

We recognize our incredibly hard working Family Housing team for their commitment to housing families.  Thank you to everyone who helps us combat homelessness for this invisible population.  We will not stop until all families with children have a place to call home.


Click here to see the full 2019 LA County Homeless Count results.