2022-25 Strategic Plan and Core Values

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The Whole Child’s 2022-25 Strategic Plan is a bold new vision forward that capitalizes on the organization’s strong mission and terrific track record of achievement in order to grow in reputation, in client and employee satisfaction, and in financial independence.

Three Year Vision

In three years, The Whole Child will be recognized as a leading authority and exemplary service provider in family and children wellbeing, and a role model for other nonprofits. Its superior direct services, meaningful thought leadership, committed staff, rewarding work environment, state of the art infrastructure, solid financial standing, and engaged Board will ensure The Whole Child’s unparalleled lifechanging impact on children and families in the community.

We will become a:

  • best-in-class integrated service provider for children and families
  • preferred employer in the social services sector
  • household name in our field

We will develop:

  • exceptional facilities and informational technology
  • secured financial stability
  • a model Board

Core Values

As a key part of developing our Strategic Plan, The Whole Child has updated our five Core Values: the key concepts by which the organization approaches all of its initiatives, from existing and new programs to employee recruitment to fundraising and communications campaigns. These Core Values are a reflection of what The Whole Child has already meant to the community and were developed by representatives from all of our departments, in partnership with leadership, and with the help of client feedback.

    We are dedicated to the highest standards and ethics in all engagements with clients, the community, and our staff by focusing on transparency and accountability in all our decisions and actions.
    We believe deeply in the humanity and the value of every person. We give every individual respect, understanding, and acceptance.
    We believe in the ability and choice of all. We strive to provide the appropriate support to foster hope, healing, and growth to all members of our community by working WITH them rather than FOR them.
    We commit to provide services that are of the highest value and quality to long term, meaningful changes for our clients and community. We emphasize hard work, adaptability, innovation, and continuous improvement.
    We celebrate and honor diversity. We strive to foster an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered by creating a workplace reflective of the communities we serve. We dedicate ourselves to unbiased and impartial services, providing inclusive opportunities and equitable access to needed resources.