Clemente’s Story: Homeless College Student Finds Support at TWC

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In 2018, Clemente was a college student struggling to keep up with his coursework due to his family’s dire situation of finding themselves homeless. He eventually dropped out of college, and he, along with his mother and younger siblings, found themselves living in Safe Families Homeless Shelter.

When the Safe Families staff hosted an educational resources presentation to resident families at the shelter, Clemente discovered a new path towards reclaiming his dream of returning to college. He immediately signed up for the program and began meeting weekly one-on-one with TWC’s Education Specialist, Monica Sillas-Gonzalez. With her guidance, he put together an educational plan, registered for college, and applied for financial aid.

In February 2021, Clemente returned to Cerritos College, attending classes virtually on his phone. Utilizing the Bezos Grant, TWC purchased his laptop and textbooks, giving him the necessary tools to complete his assignments.

Clemente is currently excelling in his courses and is determined to achieve his academic goals. He continues to meet with his education specialist and feels empowered by his Safe Families support system. He is on a path for a brighter future full of new opportunities for himself and his family.