The Whole Child and the City of Santa Fe Springs Celebrate Full Entitlements and Funding of Interim Housing project for Homeless Families

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The Whole Child and the City of Santa Fe Springs Celebrate Full Entitlements and Funding of Interim Housing project for Homeless Families

Interim Housing facility receives funding from LA County (Sup. Janice Hahn), the State of California (Homekey2) and the Federal Government (Congresswoman Linda Sanchez) to support homeless families and children in the Southeastern part of Los Angeles County

WHITTIER, Calif. – March 31, 2022 – The Whole Child, a 65-year old nonprofit organization, and the City of Santa Fe Springs are celebrating the recently completed entitlements and funding for their upcoming project in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Located at Lakeland Rd. and Laurel Ave., the overall project, “From Homeless to Homeowner,” is a first of its kind in California and will be developed over five acres of land offering Interim, Permanent Supportive and Ownership housing opportunities for low-income and vulnerable seniors and families, and homeless families with children.

The Interim Housing component of the development has received support from across the spectrum, with Supervisor Janice Hahn of the 4th District being its most ardent champion from inception, providing seed funding of $4.8 million to the project. Supervisor Hahn states, “This is an important project that will not only provide safe temporary homes for families with children experiencing homelessness, but will also provide these families with some stability and the support they need to get back on their feet. This is going to fill a gap in our system in the Southeastern region of LA County and I am proud to support The Whole Child’s effort here.”

The Interim Housing facility will be a three-story building fully developed and managed by The Whole Child. The site could provide interim housing to up to 40 homeless families at any time and is expected to serve over 150 families per year. It will feature a robust supportive services center with consultation rooms, family room, teen area, computer lab, playground and pantry, among other amenities.

The City of Santa Fe Springs provided the land and $1.1 million funding. On March 10th, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez confirmed funding for nine community projects in her district, with $500,000 allocated to The Whole Child’s Interim Housing project. In her statement she said, “…these projects will make life better for Southern Californians and I am proud to deliver the funding needed to complete each one.” On March 30th, Governor Gavin Newson announced awardees of the Homekey2 program, including an allocation of $5.6 million toward The Whole Child’s project; in the announcement he said, “We are continuing to act with urgency to fund quality Homekey projects, because that’s exactly what the moment demands – swift, decisive action to assist the most vulnerable Californians.” The project has received $2.7 million in philanthropic funding.

With entitlements and funding completed, the project will break ground in June 2022.

Constanza Pachon, Chief Executive Officer of The Whole Child, states, “We are grateful to The City of Santa Fe Springs, Supervisor Janice Hahn, and our many philanthropic partners for their early and unwavering support of this project. We are glad to have found a path to full funding with the support of Governor Newson and Congresswoman Sanchez. We are all deeply committed to a shared vision of ending family homelessness.”

The Whole Child’s Development team for this project includes experienced housing developer, The Richman Group; award-winning architectural firm, SVA Architects; and General contractor, Ravco Inc.


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