Five Ways to Keep Your Child’s Heart Healthy

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February is American Heart Month! Help your child take charge in developing healthy heart habits to live a full and healthy life. Will Torres, TWC’s CalFresh Healthy Living Program Coordinator, says, “From a young age, encourage and motivate your children to be physically active and to fuel their bodies with nutritious food leading to a healthy lifestyle well into their adulthood.”

Keep moving

Exercise as a family! Try riding bikes, taking a walk, going swimming, or playing games outside.

Be positive

Make heart health fun by incorporating games into your family activities or walking to a park for a healthy picnic dinner. Celebrate successes to promote a positive sense of self-esteem.

Go to the market together

Learn more about reading nutrition labels and make it fun for your child. Staples in your kitchen should be 100% whole wheat or grains, low-fat dairy products, poultry, fish, and nuts.

Limit screen time

Excessive screen time leads to a sedentary lifestyle and constant snacking, which increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Limit TV, computer, and phone time to two hours each day.

Check salt intake

Avoid processed foods and keep salt shakers off the table.