Intermediate Employment Advisor/Specialist – Housing Programs


The Whole Child envisions a society that embraces children as its most precious resource and that is actively committed to their safety, emotional well-being and ability to thrive at home, school and play. Through our mental health, housing, nutrition and parent enrichment programs we empower families to create nurturing environments that give children of all ages the skills, support and security they need to build emotionally healthy lives and become caring, responsible adults.

We believe that not only does every child matter but, every aspect of the child matters – the whole child. Our commitment to children extends to the entire family unit, whom we empower to create nurturing families.

Throughout our 60-year history, The Whole Child has been a leading advocate on behalf of high-risk children, innovating and expanding best practices, raising awareness, and aligning systems to benefit children and their families. Today The Whole Child delivers an array of comprehensive services to over 9,000 children and their families annually at six locations. We focus on low-income families with children ages 0-21 years old in high-risk communities throughout Southeastern Los Angeles County (SPA 7).  The Whole Child not only serves the direct needs of the community, but also uses its influence and resources to advocate for social inclusion and equity for all children and families in southern California.


About the role:

The primary purpose of the Intermediate Employment Advisor is to assist individuals in achieving employment and reduce recidivism. Provide individuals the tools necessary to maneuver the employment market from long periods of unemployment to immediate paid employment, skills training, and ongoing career support. Provides a robust set of wraparound vocational support services: on days individuals are not working, they receive job coaching to find full-time employment. Once individuals secure a full-time position, TWC continues working with an individual for up to 6 months to ensure they have the support they need to grow in their careers.


Scope of Responsibility:

Intermediate Employment Advisor increases the range of employment opportunities available to our participants using individual interests, experiences, and ambitions as a foundation for participant job opportunities/placements, and more broadly, for the identification and cultivation of potential employers for prospect portfolios. Create a model of interactive sessions that cover crucial workplace practices and explore the connections between thoughts, feelings, and actions. During the interactive session, Intermediate Employment Advisor assists each individual in assembling all documents necessary for employment and ensure eligibility for benefits and links to the appropriate internal or external resources. Employment services are focused on building healthy workforce relationships and promoting positive employment outcomes. The Intermediate Employment Advisor promotes strength-based approach to service that empowers individuals, supports a community-based philosophy of service, and ensures that all services are aligned with the agency’s mission, vision, and core values.


Essential Function:

  • Conducts comprehensive employment assessments with individuals to guide the “right fit” match between participant and employer. Expertise and insight can lead not only to successful matches in the now but to participant longevity in the workforce which often drastically reduces the rate of recidivism.
  • Customize participants’ resumes to fit identified employment opportunities.
  • Manage a caseload of participants, support and coach them around applying for jobs, navigating the hiring process, and finding and securing right fit employment.
  • Maintaining weekly contact with participants to track their progress to interview readiness.
  • Conduct motivational interviewing by utilizing techniques as appropriate to help guide participants to goal achievement.
  • Envision, develop, and implement a strategic plan for employment services and placement that ensures the agency meets its participant placement metrics.
  • Achieve monthly, quarterly and annual placement goals in accordance with the agency’s contractual obligations.
  • Evaluate employer demand/trends and usage of employment services, and determine improvements and ways to leverage relationships with employers and or vocational training organizations.
  • Networking and cultivating lasting relationships with people and businesses, helping them understand how our work can help them achieve their business strategy and goals.
  • Completes and submits progress notes in a 24-hour timeframe utilizing the agency’s electronic record system. Document all participant and employer contact, activities, and outcomes.
  • Link individuals to internal and external resources to assist with multiple stressors that can become a barrier to full-time employment such as it relates to homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse issues, etc.
  • Attends community meetings as requested by Client Service Manager to present on employment services, referral process and eligibility criteria.
  • Represents the agency at community resource fairs.
  • Follows up with families to ensure successful employment placement for six months.
  • Maintaining contact with Client Service Manager; exercising responsivity to client and program concerns.


Minimum qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in behavior psychology, or other business and or administrative discipline.

Minimum 3-4 years’ experience in workforce development, recruitment, or sales/account management, a role in which you needed to meet performance goals on a regular basis. Valid California driver’s license and valid auto insurance.